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DS-Dynamic GmbH
A-7100 Neusiedl am See
Ludwig-Boltzmannstraße 2.
Phone: +43 2167 40219
Fax:+43 2167 20781

UID: ATU 65791119
Firmenbuchnummer: FN 343749 p

Our services

  • Heat generation and heat distribution equipment in power plants, chemical plants, industrial facilities and logistics centres.
  • Insulation with glass-wool, rock-wool, foam glass or PU half shells.
  • Casing from all kinds of sheet metal, trapezoidal sheet metal, cardboard and Alupak.
  • Insulation for cool generation and distribution equipment in chemical industry, dairies and breweries.
  • Insulation with closed-cell insulation material made of synthetic rubber and PU foam.
  • Casing from all kinds of sheet metal and trapezoidal sheet metal.
  • We offer solutions for reducing the noise level in production plants, industrial facilities, at workplaces and in domestic engineering.
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